May 2018


The summer’s are here and well so is SUN ! ! ! Whether you’re off to the park or about to jet off on holiday, protecting your skin from the sun should be a priority! ! !

Sunlight is one of the essential things to many living, but it also has a dangerous side. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet or UV rays can cause sunburn. UV rays penetrate the outer skin layers and pass into the deeper layers, where they can damage or kill skin cells. When the amount of UV rays absorbed by our skin becomes overwhelming, melanin can no longer protect the skin and sunburn occurs. Sunburn is a clear sign that  your skin cells have been damaged by too much UV radiation. UVB rays damage elastin in the skin, slowing down the production of collagen. This causes skin to sag, wrinkle, and produce sunspots. Getting sunburn, just once every 2 years, can triple your risk of melanoma skin cancer!!! Sunburn doesn’t have to be raw, peeling or blistering. If your skin has gone pink or red in the sun, the damage has been done.

Overexposure to the sun can slow down the production of collagen, causing skin to sag and wrinkles to form. Repeated sun damage can affect the way your skin produces melanin. As you age, melanin can form in clumps, resulting in the appearance of freckles and age spots. Long-term effects of sun exposure include wrinkles, premature skin aging, and several different types of skin cancer.

However, that’s not to say you should avoid the sun completely. The good news is you can take simple steps to protect your skin from sun damage. A certain level of sunlight can nourish the skin and boost our mood. Always apply sunscreens while going out in sun .Sunscreens are thick and generally not meant for moisturizing the skin. Apply a moisturizing cream with a combined SPF. This will help keep skin hydrated and protected from UVB rays.

Foods containing antioxidants reduce inflammation and free radicals, offering additional protection from the sun.

Revel in the sun’s light and embrace its warmth! (But with caution).


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