While monsoons spell pleasant weather and respite from the scorching summers, an effective skin care regime, for a glowing skin, would make this season even better.

Summer is the season for growth — our skin cell turnover increases; this leads to piling up of dead layers of skin by the time the monsoons begin. This is why eruptive conditions like rashes, spots and pimples are common during the rains.

We tend to ignore our skin during the monsoon season. As there is no visible sun, therefore sunscreen is also often not used; due to increased humidity we do not feel it necessary to moisturize our skin. And without the right care, our skin starts looking dull and lifeless. If we follow the basic skin care regimen then all these problems can be easily taken care of. Simple treatments can be used to replenish the skin glow, and keep the skin healthy.

  1. Good and effective cleansing followed by toning, using an alcohol-free toner since increased humidity could open up the pores.
  2. Use sunscreen even on a cloudy day.
  3. Use a light lotion-based moisturizer or serum
  4. Avoid heavy makeup and use waterproof cosmetics
  5. Remember to nourish the skin from the inside, too — eat salads blanched in boiling water to disinfect them, vegetable soup which will keep you warm and healthy and drink the usual 8-10 glasses of water daily. Your skin is always thirstier than you are!
  6. Don’t use hot water while bathing; it will only dry your skin out.

Our skin needs extra care during the monsoon season as it is shedding and hence it is very sensitive.

So brush off your skin woes , just follow the simple steps and get beautiful, glowing skin ! ! !

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