Whether your dark circles are from too many late nights, work stress or they run in your family, you can fade them and brighten up your look.Try these remedial measures-

1.Try a Cream– Ingredients like retinol and vitamins C and E can lighten undereye circles.

2. Camouflage Them – You can hide dark circles with makeup.Match the color to your skin tone . Take a small camouflage brush and conceal the darkness in the inner corner of the eye and bring it down to the nose area.Blend it in, and that will lift the eye. It will lift the darkness.

3. Bag Eyes – Have a cup of tea, and then pop the moist tea bags into your fridge. Let them cool off. Lie down, close your eyes, and put the tea bags on your eyelids for a few minutes.
Tea fights inflammation, and that may ease undereye puffiness and darkness.

4. Check on Allergies – Do you rub your eyes a lot. All that rubbing can leave you with dark circles. They’re sometimes called “allergic shiners.”
Consult your doctor , Antihistamine or eye drops can help.

5. Wear Shades – Wearing sunglasses helps, because you’re not getting sun damage under the eyes that can cause darkening. They’ll stop you from squinting, which can lead to crow’s feet.

If you want more help with your dark circles, contact our experts as You really need to be evaluated carefully to determine what is causing your undereye circles to target the problem most directly ,then only you’ll get the best results.

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