After playing Holi when we are back home in a colorful, unrecognizable state, what do we do first? Hit the shower? Try to wash off the color with soap and water? That’s the mistake most of us make. This is what you should do….

  1. Dust off all the dry color: It is easier to get rid of the color while it is still dry. Do not rush to wash off the colors. Take some dry towels and try to wipe off all the dry/ extra color.
  2. Make up remover: Do not use soap / scrub on the face. The skin is already dry due to the colors. Use a liberal quantity of any good make up remover on the face, neck, back legs and arms. It is gentler and more effective than trying to remove the color with soap/shower gel and water. Do not rub or repeatedly try to wash off the color as this may damage the already irritated skin.
  3. Shampoo / Hair mask:  Remember to be very gentle and do not scratch your scalp roughly in an attempt to get the entire color out.
  4. Shower: Since the skin is already sensitive, do not use any thing abrasive. Use a gentle shower gel or a moisturizing soap.

After the shower, it’s time again to hydrate the skin with rich body lotion or body butter. For the face too, follow with your normal skincare routine.

Taking these extra precautions, would make sure that you enjoy the colorful festival of Holi, without having to worry about the skin & hair.

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